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How do I claim my Alton Towers Resort tickets?

For subscribers: to claim your tickets go on and get your tickets without collecting codes. Times+ launches at 9am on July 15, 2019.
For non-subscribers: to claim your tickets, simply collect 4 unique daily codes between July 14 and July 24, go to, enter your codes and place your order.

Where can I find the unique codes?

The unique codes will be found in the paper each day by the Alton Towers Resort promotional advert, the first code on Sunday, July 14, 2019 will be printed on the bottom right corner of the front page on the 4 page wrap pullout. For each day thereafter it will appear on the bottom right corner of the advert. The last day you can START collecting the codes is the second Sunday of the promotion, Sunday July 21, 2019. The last code will appear in paper on Wednesday July 24, 2019. Subscribers do not need to collect codes during their promotional period, which ends Wednesday August 14, 2019.

How many tickets can I buy?

You can only buy one pair (two tickets) with 4 unique daily codes. You must buy a pair of tickets, costing £10 for a pair. There is no limit on the number of tickets per household, as long as the purchaser has their 4 unique entry codes and a different email address. If you are a new customer and want to use this same device to book more tickets under a different name and email, please make sure to clear your cache.

Can I buy just one Alton Towers Resort ticket?

No, you must buy a pair of tickets. An adult ticket is 12+ years and child ticket is 3-11 years. Adult and child tickets are the same price.

Can I attend the park alone?

Yes, you can attend the park alone with one ticket, but your other ticket cannot be used and will be invalid.

How will I receive my tickets?

You will receive an e-ticket. Simply print this out/present on your smartphone and scan at the theme park turnstile entrance.

I've lost my tickets, what do I do?

We are unable to replace lost e-tickets, but you can either go back to your confirmation email and re-print them or show the e-tickets on your smartphone when you arrive at Alton Towers Resort.

What if I have deleted or cannot find my confirmation email?

Once you have booked your dated tickets, please allow 48 hours for the confirmation email to arrive. Remember to check your junk and spam filters in case your confirmation email has arrived there. If you still do not have the email then visit

Can I choose when I visit Alton Towers Resort?

Yes, you can choose from a selection of dates on the site. However, admission is limited on individual days and subject to availability, so certain dates may be unavailable. The days that are available are between July 15 and October 17, 2019.

Do I have access to the whole park with my ticket?

Yes you have access to all attractions with the exception of The Alton Towers Dungeon where an additional fee applies.

How long does the offer last for?

The offer runs in the paper until Wednesday July 24, 2019; after this point codes will no longer be printed in the paper. Codes are valid for ticket redemption until Wednesday August 14, 2019 but you are encouraged to book as soon as you can, as the promoter will close the site as soon as all tickets are sold.

Can I change the date of my visit?

No, once the dates have been selected and your e-tickets have been sent, they are non-changeable and non-refundable.

Are travel costs included? How do I get to Alton Towers Resort?

Travel costs are not included in the price of the ticket. Travelling to the park is your own responsibility. For further information on how to get to Alton Towers Resort visit

What have I paid for?

You have purchased a pair of Alton Towers Resort tickets. The payment will show as Alton Towers Resort.

What if I see I have the same code as someone else from a different paper?

If you can see you have the same code as someone else, this means we have had to use a 'magic code' as there were issues at the printing office. This is unlikely to happen. If it does, do not worry, this code will work for you and will also work for the other person. You will still need to have the other 3 unique codes to enter the promotion.

What is GFM Holdings Ltd?

GFM Holdings LTD are contracted by Times Newspapers Limited (publishers of The Times and The Sunday Times) to fulfil part of the Alton Towers Resort tickets.

Who do I contact if I am having issues?

In paper code and email code issues:
Use the contact us form on

Date selection, payment, ticket and other issues:
Please go to

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